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6Sensi organization of events

About us

Our team is a group of young and enthusiastic consultants who work in the wedding business and who are fine connoisseur of art. We work in the surroundings of Bologna.

Our intention is to meet every clients need and we intertwine the stimulation of senses to succeed in the offer.

Silvia: her camera and her great artistic flare will transform your sensations into pictures, capturing the happiness of that special moment.
Stefania is able to produce extraordinary and thought-out flower arrangements, being attentive to the message that flowers convey.
Simona will help you in finding the works of art which best embody your event and will help you to choose a suitable music selection for your event.
Barbara will design your web site and will create a representation that will suit you and underline the attractiveness of your event .
Luca, food manager and event designer, will coordinate all the elements which characterize your event.